10 Simple Things Women Want From Men In A Relationship

A woman desires simple pleasures from her man. It’s the little adorable things a man does that satisfy a woman completely. Here’s a simple perspective of simple things women want from men in a relationship.
10 Simple Things Women Want from Men in a Relationship
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In a relationship it’s two that makes it happen. It’s ‘We’ that makes a relationship healthy and it’s ‘I’ that crumbles a relationship. Every individual likes to take off on their ego trip every now and then, and that’s okay provided you how high you’re flying with your inflated ego. Men often feel a women ask for too much in a relationship. There are things a man finds unacceptable in a relationship and its ditto for women.

This scenario develops when a partner takes the other for granted. The moment you take your partner for granted, it’s a sign that you

want to hold the reins in a relationship. Remember, it’s the ‘two’ of you that makes your relationship strong. You may have known each other for a year or may have spent 50 years or more with each other; the rule to a successful relation is never taking your partner for granted.

When a man actually gets down to thinking logically what his woman wants in a relationship, it’s makes perfect sense, it’s the simple things she demands to make a relationship fruitful. The lines below explore deeply simple things women want from men.

10 Simple Things Women Want From Men

1. Communication

Without communication a relationship can head nowhere. Communication is the key to moving forward with a mission to achieve. Talk to each other! Make time for communication. No matter how busy you are, do not miss out on an opportunity sitting next to each other and having a conversation. Communication bridges the gaps and cements a relationship.

2. Understanding

Every woman loves to be with an understanding man. An understanding man sees things in different light. Handling different situations in relationship becomes easy for an understanding man. Get to know her, read her, and realize not every mood swing in her is attributed to PMS-ing. If she’s in a bad mood, it’s your understanding of her that will help immensely.

3. Being a Good Listener

If men were good listeners there definitely would be less turmoil in relationships. Sadly, only a small percentage of men are good listeners. Men should make conscious effort to listening to their ladies. Women do not like men nodding their head as they switch channels on a TV. When a man listens to his woman, she realizes it and adores that caring quality.

4. Honesty

Be honest with her at all times. Do not hide anything from her. Its little lies that lead couples astray and in due course ruin a relationship. Be truthful at all times. The truth is, if you are a man you won’t lie to her. Only cowherds seek refuge in a lie.

5. Being Sensitive To Her Emotions

A small percentage of men are sensitive to a woman’s needs. Women are sensitive beings and they expect similar sensitivity from

men. However, getting in touch with their sensitive side seems a task for many men. You do not have to cry when she cries or pretend to sympathize with her, just embrace her and speak the language of your heart. The emotional quotient in a man ignites new warmth in a relationship.

6. Being Protective and not Possessive

A number of relationships are ruined because the man in the relationship is obsessive or possessive. A woman should be the love of your life, don’t treat her like your property. Do not restrict her. Give her the space she needs to flourish. Do not dictate terms with her. A woman does not need her man to be the method of madness in her life. Be protective of her and not possessive.

7. Spontaneity: Cook her a surprise meal

A woman absolutely loves it when her man surprises her by cooking a meal. Women love spontaneity. No matter what you cook and how tasteless it is, when you do something for her unexpectedly or at the spur of the moment, she will love every bit of it. Cooking for her occasionally certainly scores big brownie points that actually do a lot good to a relationship.

8. Chivalry

A man’s behavior towards women says a low about that man. Women love their men to be chivalrous. The courteousness a man displays towards his woman is cherished forever. She needs to know the gentleman in you.

9. Trust

A woman expects her man to trust her. Doubt ruins everything beautiful in a relationship. Learn to trust your woman. Give her the space she needs. A healthy relationship is built on trust. When you trust your woman you earn her respect.

10. Putting in an effort to spend time with her family

Women love spending time with their parents, however, majority of men feel socially awkward spending time with their girlfriend/wife’s parents. Men do not feel very comfortable going to their in-laws home. However, when your wife sees you making an effort to blend with members in her family she realizes she is with the best man in the world.

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