Top 100 School Dropouts And College Dropouts That Became Hugely Successful

The word ‘dropout’ may not go down too well with few individuals, parents in particular. Does dropping out of school or college mean the end? No, it’s the beginning.
Top 100 School Dropouts and College Dropouts that became Hugely Successful
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Getting good education doesn’t necessarily translate to becoming successful. Education does give you a good platform to build a strong foundation, but it does not help shape your foundation. To make it big in life you don’t have to attend the most expensive school or college, all you need is self belief. While many elders in different parts of the world may refer to school or college dropouts as “good for nothing fools”, the fact remains that a large number of dropouts have been the most successful persons in their chosen profession.

While not many may consider dropping out of school

or college if they have the means and money to educate themselves, research reveals that a high number of successful school and college dropouts actually did have the money to pursue education, but chose not, in order to pursue other interests. Most successful school and college dropouts quit studies… to put in their entire effort in one direction, what they loved to do and pursue. While it makes sense to chase your passion, not everybody in this world pursue their line of liking. Expectations, peer pressure can lead us to steer our life in a different direction.

It’s sad some sorry folks from different parts of the world judge you based on your education and profession. Why do some people look down upon individuals who have dropped out of school or college? Are you right in judgment? Do you even have authority to judge? Its best you concentrate on your life rather than scrutinize, analyze and talk about what others have done or achieved.

Do dropouts set good examples for others? Perspective to this question varies in the train of thought. All the education and degrees is not going to take you anywhere if you do not have a vision and mission. The drive to get somewhere makes people successful. If this drive is not present, dropout or a scholar you will be stuck in a rut. Here is a list of school dropouts and college dropouts that made it big.

To all that have dropped out of school or college… Your dreams begin with your vision… they never end. Pursue your passion and never give up.

Top 100 School Dropouts and College Dropouts that made it Big

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Roman Abramovich
  4. Ty Warner
  5. Mark Zuckerberg
  6. Gautam Adani
  7. Lawrence Ellison
  8. Sheldon Adelson
  9. Jack Taylor
  10. Brad Pitt
  11. Oprah Winfrey
  12. Russell Simmons
  13. Ted Turner
  14. John Lennon
  15. Wolfgang Puck
  16. Michael Dell
  17. Coco Chanel
  18. Walt Disney
  19. Benjamin Franklin
  20. Vinod Goenka
  21. Lady Gaga
  22. Stef Wertheimer
  23. Cameron Diaz
  24. Colonel Sanders
  25. Al Pacino
  26. Marc Rich
  27. Sheldon Solow
  28. George Burns
  29. John
  30. Abraham Lincoln
  31. David Karp
  32. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  33. Richard Branson
  34. Dustin Moskovitz
  35. Jim Carrey
  36. Amancio Ortega
  37. Robert Downey Jr.
  38. Nicolas Cage
  39. Richard Li
  40. Micky Jatiani
  41. Henry Fok
  42. David Geffen
  43. Francois Pinault
  44. Subhash Chandra
  45. Johnny Depp
  46. Hilary Swank
  47. Donald Newhouse
  48. Ben Affleck
  49. Jack Taylor
  50. Buckminister Fuller
  51. Stanly Ho
  52. Ralph Lauren
  53. Elton John
  54. Gabe Newell
  55. Andre Agassi
  56. Frank Sinatra
  57. Shahid Balwa
  58. James Cameron
  59. Eric Clapton
  60. Mohammed Al Amoudi
  61. Hiroshi Yamauchi
  62. Tiger Woods
  63. Billy Joe Armstrong
  64. Jude Law
  65. Quentin Tarantino
  66. Rihanna
  67. Christina Aguilera
  68. Julie Andrews
  69. Keanu Reeves
  70. Billy Joel
  71. PNC Menon
  72. Ryan Gosling
  73. Ozzy Osbourne
  74. Bill Cosby
  75. Eike Batista
  76. Cher
  77. Eminem
  78. Avril Lavigne
  79. Christina Applegate
  80. Harrison Ford
  81. Kanye West
  82. Sean Connery
  83. Frank Lloyd Wright
  84. Madonna
  85. Bobby Fischer
  86. Aretha Franklin
  87. Bryan Adams
  88. Jay- Z
  89. Woody Allen
  90. Ray Charles
  91. Marilyn Monroe
  92. Ellen DeGeneres
  93. Jennifer Aniston
  94. Chet Atkins
  95. Snoop Dogg
  96. Paulo Coelho
  97. Clint Eastwood
  98. Albert Einstein
  99. Jimi Hendrix
  100. Frank Zappa

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