Must Have Guitar Albums- Part 2

In this segment of must have guitar albums it’s Joe Satriani’s Shockwave Supernova and Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare.
Must Have Guitar Albums- Part 2
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Joe Satriani- Shockwave Supernova

Rock enthusiasts all over the world unanimously agree Joe Satriani is one of the greatest instrumental rock guitar players. Listen to a Joe Satriani album and you will be left amazed with his sense of melody in guitar playing. If ever a guitar player phrases his notes with heart and soul it’s got to be Satch. What’s special about Joe Satriani’s guitar playing is his ability to transcend musical boundaries.

His melodic approach in song structure is what sets him apart from other guitar players. His album Shockwave Supernova is testimony to the fact that this axeman is

one of the most versatile guitar players around. The album showcases master-craft in every sense. Shockwave Supernova has an epic aggressive sound rooted in a sea of melodic soundscapes.

On Shockwave Supernova Joe Satriani brings a new experimental sound without actually shifting from his rock roots. The effort is an album with a fresh new sound. What Joe Satriani does amazingly well is make complex guitar runs sound incredibly simple. On few tracks, Joe Satriani makes the guitar sound like an unreal voice that whispers in dreams. His deft touch on the strings brings to life an atmospheric world of dreamers. For guitar players that want to learn string bending techniques Joe Satriani is a perfect example of the art.

 His string bending in the realms traditional and non-traditional rock has been immaculate. Also, Joe Satriani uses hammer ons and pull offs in his compositions aesthetically adding bite to his guitar playing. Shockwave Supernova is a treat from start to finish. You find yourself immersed in a pool of varied guitar melodies that connect with the heart. Joe Satriani has the ability to paint a picture with his guitar playing, and he does it yet again with Shockwave Supernova. If you are a Joe Satriani fan you will love what unfolds on this record.

Steve Vai- Passion and Warfare

When the talk is Guitar Gods, a name that is often mentioned is Steve Vai. His virtuosic abilities with the guitar have made him insanely popular with guitar players and fans of

guitar music. Steve Vai brings to life varied emotions on the guitar that deeply connect with the heart. Passion and Warfare is a passionately crafted album that speaks a language of emotion.

The sounds Steve Vai produces with his guitar are unreal. Steve Vai makes the guitar sound like a colossal wailing voice, something only he can do. Few guitar players phrase their notes as beautifully as Steve Vai. Passion and Warfare is in every sense an epic guitar album. The album showcases a broad spectrum of Steve Vai’s dexterity with different styles.

Since his early days, Steve Vai has had a penchant for ballads. On Passion and Warfare, the ballad ‘For the Love of God’ leaves you mesmerized. Steve Vai speaks a language with his guitar that takes you on a trip on various phases in life. Steve Vai’s accuracy and precision with picking notes makes your jaw drop. This guy can transform the mood from brutal to mellow back and forth with relative ease. Every time Steve Vai bends strings on his guitar, the sounds that come forth to life add a fresh perspective to guitar music.

Passion and Warfare oozes warmth right from the word go. You are led to world where dreams unite. The tempo shifts from dramatic to somber passion are typically Steve Vai. If you love the sound of a wailing guitar communicating a range of emotions, it definitely won’t get better than Passion and Warfare. Steve Vai is a guitar wizard, and this album is a testimony to that fact. If you like pure unadulterated guitar playing that connects on an emotional level; Passion and Warfare is an album you should not miss out.

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