20 Superstitions About Left Eye Twitching

There are a plethora of superstitious beliefs associated with left eye twitching. While in certain cultures eye twitch is considered a sign of good luck, in some cultures left eye twitch is considered bad luck. This article showcases diverse superstitions associated with left eye twitching.
20 Superstitions about Left Eye Twitching
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Eye twitch is rather common. It’s felt on the eyelid or around the eye. The occurrence of eye twitch could be due to slight muscle spasms around the eyelid which may be caused due to muscle fatigue in surrounding areas or because of a prevalent medical condition such as Blepharospasm. Although medical terminology and explanation backing involuntary muscle twitches is vast, superstition in regard with this phenomenon continues to scale new heights.

Superstition about Left Eye Twitching: Beliefs, Legends and Myths

Superstition about eye twitching is not new. Different versions of age-old-legends, myths, beliefs, and theories are associated with left eye and

right twitch. While twitching of the left eye is considered a bad omen or bad luck in many European cultures, in many Asian cultures it’s a sign of good luck and prosperity, a good omen. In the same vein right eye twitch too is associated with myths and beliefs in different cultures. In ancient China, left eye twitching was given significant importance and there was a significant amount of mixed feelings associated with eye twitch.

Mythological superstitions related to muscle spasms have been passed on from generations and the aura surrounding the actual medical condition have been overshadowed by belief. In cultures from different parts of the world superstitions and beliefs associated with left eye twitching is based upon gender and the time of day eye twitch occurs. While it may sound strange in this digital age, its true myths, superstitions and ancient beliefs about left eye twitch and right eye twitch are popular even today in several Asian, European, Hawaiian and African cultures. In many cultures left eye twitching is considered auspicious; while in some cultures it is considered as a bad sign or inauspicious.  

Given below is a list of left eye twitching superstitions                          

Good Omen-When left eye twitching occurs…belief is

  1. You Will Take the Right Decisions
  2. Good luck is by your side.
  3. You will soon be receiving money.
  4. You will be able to convince people
  5. You will succumb to your heart’s desire.
  6. Somebody is going to share good news with you, usually associated with a baby being born.
  7. Your worries will leave you.
  8. You will Buy Something Expensive.
  9. You will be able to avail and repay a large loan
  10. A stranger will come into your life bringing you joy and happiness.
  11. You will bring a sense of calm to others.
  12. You will soon be married.
  13. Your chances of winning a jackpot or lottery are relatively high
  14. You will meet your soulmate.
  15. You will handle difficult situations well and become a responsible person.
  16. There will be a feast and celebration soon, often associated with achievement.
  17. All your plans will be carried out smoothly.
  18. You will be invited to meet individuals of high authority.
  19. You will delegate responsibility to others.
  20. You will be calm and patient in the future.

Bad Omen- When left eye twitching occurs…belief is

  1. You will take decisions you regret
  2. A close associate or family member is talking about you or gossiping.
  3. An uninvited guest will come over and stay with you and affect your life in a bad way.
  4. You are likely to seek refuge by drinking alcohol to ease your troubles
  5. A death may occur in the family.
  6. You are likely to lose your job in the near future.
  7. You will get into an argument with a family member or friend that would lead to severed ties.
  8. You will shed tears and sorrow will spread its wings over you.
  9. You are going to suffer a huge loss in regard with money, usually associated with finances and business.
  10. You will be plagued
    with Negative Emotions
  11. Your relationship will face stormy weather, marriage may end.
  12. You will dwell in disharmony and turmoil
  13. Your past secrets will be revealed.
  14. Someone at your workplace will ruin your chances of a promotion.
  15. Your plans will be ruined by the person you dislike.
  16. You will be in the midst of conspiracy.
  17. You will lose a large sum of money
  18. Someone is planning and plotting against you.
  19. Friends and family will not trust you.
  20. You will run into debt.

Superstition History of Left eye Twitching

In Ancient China complex forms of fortune telling and superstition were based upon muscle twitches on different parts of the body, many of which are exceedingly popular even today. A number of superstitious beliefs associated with omens as a good sign and bad sign find their roots in age old African and Chinese culture. While similarities in various cultures associated with left eye twitching do occur, beliefs vary.

In Norse Mythology twitches on the body and left eye were considered sacred, as sign of prosperity. In Ancient Greece when a person would feel a sensation or twitch on their eye or any other part of the body that person would spit and keep a cactus outside their home to ward of the evil eye. Ancient Egypt was known for many rituals and beliefs. Twitches on left eye or different parts of the body were used as a sign by fortune tellers to predict and tell events happening in the future.

What is Eye Twitching?

In medical terms eye twitching is called eye muscle spasm associated with Blepharospasm. Muscle contraction around the eyelids cause eye twitch. Though the slight flutter or sensation on the eyelid or around the eyelid is not something you should worry about, you should consult a doctor if twitches occur frequently. Eye twitching may also occur due to hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency, stress, insufficient sleep, constant exposure to environmental pollutants, excess caffeine consumption, eye problems, and excess alcohol consumption. Also, eye twitch can be triggered by prescription drugs taken for a medical condition.

Let it be known, superstition and superstitious beliefs are sown, from generation to generation, from mind to mind. Do not let it seep in.

Are you superstitious?

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