The Truth About Why Dogs Lick People

There are different theories about why dogs lick people. Here’s the truth on why dogs lick people.
The Truth about Why Dogs Lick People
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Behavioral patterns of dogs differ drastically. Smaller breed dogs behave and react in a compellingly different manner than their larger counterparts. However, one common aspect among small breed dogs and large breed dogs is licking. Every dog loves to lick their master and anybody in the family who makes a friendly gesture. For a dog, licking is a natural way of communication that starts from birth. For dogs licking is a way of expression and communication. Unlike humans, dogs cannot express themselves through communication. For dogs, licking you palms, fingers, or face is a way of showing gratitude and loyalty.

By licking, dogs bond with their master and people around them.

Why does my dog lick people? This question gets asked by dog owners often. The lines below unravel the truth about why dogs lick people.

The First Touch

At birth the first touch a pup receives is the mother’s lick. The mother stimulates breathing in her pups as she cleans them by licking. The warmth of a mother’s touch on her pup is an expression of love and care. By licking her pups the mother keeps here little ones warm and clean. In the same vein puppies also lick their mother’s face as they learn to reciprocate. This first instinct remains with dogs, and as they grow they show their affection towards their owners by licking. On the other hand dogs that have been separated from their mothers at birth tend to remain be quiet and do not lick when touched by humans.

Conveying A Message

By licking or barking dogs may want to convey a message. When dogs encounter strangers their first reaction is to smell the person and then proceed and lick their feet, hands or face as they get familiar with the person. Dogs have powerful scent receptors that help them associate and identify people. For majority of dogs licking and smelling is an instinctive nature to get to know a person. Dog experts believe dog licking releases pleasure endorphins which give the dog a feeling of love and comfort. It’s the same feeling people get when they do

something to relieve stress.

Behavioral patterns of Dogs

 Every dog is unique with its behavioral patterns. Some dogs may lick constantly because they like the taste of salty skin. Dog licking is purely and typically a sign of showing affection towards its master and people around. Dog experts are of the opinion dog licking is a natural instinct that stems forth in dogs. Furthermore, different dog breeds react differently when being petted. For dogs, licking is a way of expressing a plethora of emotions. Most dogs lick the hands and face of people expressing their playful and friendly nature. Also, dogs may lick and bark to convey a message if they are hungry or want to urinate. While it is not right to change a dog’s licking behavior, you can do what’s mentioned below to stop your dog from licking.

How to stop your dog from licking people

If you want to break your dog’s licking habit the best way to get your dog to stop is by ignoring your dog when it is licking. The moment your dog starts licking you…stand up and just walk away. When you do this every time your dog licks you… you convey your message to your dog that you don’t like it… and gradually the licking stops. Similarly, when you are petting your dog and your dog starts licking… stop petting to ensure the licking stops. You can also get your dog accustomed to a sound or alarm that is set off when your dog starts licking. You can also seek the services of a dog trainer to get rid of your dog’s excessive licking habit.

Keep in mind when your dog licks you or somebody else, it’s out of sheer friendliness.

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