Top 100 Youth Group Names And Ministry Names

A number of youth groups and worship ministries are formed the world over. Coming up with a name for a youth group or ministry can be challenging. This article makes life easier with an epic list of youth group names and ministry names.
Top 100 Youth Group Names and Ministry Names
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Youth groups are formed as an initiative to bring about a change that impacts society positively. Youth possess the power to bring about a positive change and its reason why communities all over the world encourage forming and building youth groups. Ministries associated with the church take keen interest in development of youth through youth group initiatives.

There are different areas in ministry that work towards development of the Church collectively. Elders in the church community should encourage youngsters to form youth groups to represent a specific area in a ministry. While forming a youth group or getting a ministry started

is relatively easy, the difficult bit is giving identity to the newly formed youth group or ministry.

A youth group or a ministry gets unique identity with a name. However, you cannot go about picking any name for your youth group or ministry. While you can come up with any name, ideally a name should represent the ideologies of the members in the group and also showcase and highlight the vision and mission of the group.

What a newly formed youth group or ministry should reflect through their name is what they represent and what they aim at achieving. A group name should convey the vision and mission clearly. Names should be such that they impact positively. Words that give hope are a good choice for youth group names and ministry names.

Group names should reflect a positive attitude that is associated with bringing about a change for better. A strong youth group name or a powerful ministry name starts building a reputation with people gradually. Youth like to be associated with a powerful identity. Ministries should provide a clear and concise representation with their group name. It could be Music ministry, Preaching ministry, Church ministry, Youth Ministry, Theology Ministry, or any other ministry associated with the church… a name for a ministry should be chosen keeping the vision and mission in mind.

100 Greatest Youth Group Names and Ministry Names

  1. Sublime Light
  2. Celestial Awakening
  3. Firm Roots
  4. Embrace
  5. Peace of Imperfect
  6. Uplift
  7. Chosen Way
  8. Bag of Hope
  9. Righteous Hearts
  10. Passion Flame
  11. Exalted Beings
  12. With You
  13. Cast Your Cares
  14. Living Waters
  15. Shield of Power
  16. Peace Refuge
  17. Renew
  18. Spirit Within
  19. Build Each Other
  20. Trust Apostles
  21. Rejoice in Him
  22. Forgiving Heart
  23. Word Within
  24. Thy Command
  25. Sweep Over You
  26. Blend of Hope
  27. Fortified Existence 
  28. With Him
  29. Disciples of Peace
  30. Willing Soul
  31. Blessed Souls
  32. Casting Away Burdens
  33. Freedom Thirst
  34. Seeking His Kingdom
  35. Overcoming Battles  
  36. Abide in Truth
  37. Thirst Salvation
  38. Holy Power
  39. Shepherd of Faith
  40. Healing Within
  41. Worker Yoke
  42. Blaze Aglow
  43. Straight Path
  44. Fish For Life
  45. Springs of Life
  46. All Things Possible
  47. Prophet
  48. Soul Harvest
  49. Eternal Thirst
  50. Open Gates
  51. Prophesy Kingdom
  52. Glory Blaze
  53. Amplified Within
  54. Throne of Hope
  55. Repentant Heart 
  56. Finding Comfort
  57. Honor Tribe
  58. Adorn Messiah
  59. Bringing Life
  60. Bold Spirit
  61. Still In Us
  62. We As One
  63. Faith Shepherds
  64. Circle of Hope
  65. Soul Over Mind
  66. Wander Sheep
  67. Shepherd Soul
  68. Aspiration Seekers
  69. Roaring Waters
  70. Humble Light
  71. Bethel Hearts
  72. Shaping Clay
  73. The Law Within
  74. Opening Belief
  75. Breathing New Life
  76. Shining New Light
  77. Life Disciples
  78. Searching Within
  79. Glory March
  80. Overcoming Fear
  81. Faith Within
  82. Entrusted Belief
  83. Not Shaken
  84. Soul Thirst
  85. Giving Abundance
  86. Holy Axis
  87. The Answer
  88. Kind Creation
  89. Anointed Hope
  90. Cherish Dreams
  91. Salvation Keys
  92. Ancient of Days
  93. Tower of Hope
  94. Eden Fish
  95. Righteous Kingdom
  96. Soul Fields
  97. Making Changes
  98. Alive Within
  99. Shining Through
  100. Guide Light

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